What are Pheromones?

"Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex, that trigger very powerful attraction responses and  romantic feelings."



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Pheromones in the News

"Androstadienone, also known as androsta-4,16,-dien-3-one, is a chemical compound that has been described as having strong pheromone-like activities in humans."

"Pheromones, those mysterious, scentless chemicals that some say drive human sexual behavior, have been studied for decades. But now researchers say they've finally found proof that mammals -- such as humans and mice -- are actually programmed to detect and use them."


"The power of smell is undeniable humans are Influenced by airborne chemicals undetectable as odors, called pheromones. Researchers at the University of Chicago say they have the first proof that humans produce and react to pheromones."

Ask Men
"Pheromones have been detected in every species from insects to reptiles as sex attractants. Basically, pheromones are subconscious sex signals."


McCall's magazine
"Pheromones can Improve one's sex life, pheromones send out subconscious signals to the opposite sex that naturally trigger romantic feelings."


The Los Angeles Times
"Scientific studies have actually shown that subjects who used synthesized pheromones had sex more often."