PherLuv is a company based on making products that help improve the quality of our social lives. Our products are handmade one at a time in small batches. This greater attention to detail insures the quality of our products.

Our products are infused with the finest most powerful synthetic pheromones available.
Our signature blends are a result of intensive testing, research, and development.

We have the highest concentration of pheromones per dose. Don't be fooled by other companies offering larger quantities of product for less. Their product is mostly filler and contain very little pheromone. Some even contain no real pheromone at all. has no association with msnNBC, TIME, Mtv, MSN, WebMD, DiscoveryHealth, CNN, Wikipedia, Ask Men, McCall's, ABC News, The New York Times, CBS, BBC or The Los Angeles Times.      
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