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The Best Pheromone Cologne on the Market

Pheromone cologne is the best-kept-secret for millions of men in across the world. It makes attracting and dating the most beautiful women possible as simple as remembering to wear it when going out.
  • Just one spray of PherLuv is all it takes to drive woman crazy.
  • Each bottle contains a total of 23 mg of pheromones, making it one of the most powerful pheromones products on the market!
  • Provocative fragrance extensively tested getting you instantaneous attraction
  • Proprietary blend of concentrated pheromone for maximum potency!
  • Shipped Discreetly. Your privacy is protected
  • Guaranteed purity
  • Free rush shipping within the US.
  • Try it risk free 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Pheromone Cologne: Your Answer to Modern Limitations

Want to attract more ladies? Take your shirt off. Seriously. The confidence that it takes to walk around shirtless, and the level of exercise required to pull it off, are exactly what women are looking for in an ideal partner (among other things). However, this isn't always proper behavior. Maybe you aren't in a position to walk around like you're an ultimate frisbee champion. Maybe you're in an establishment where walking around without a shirt gets you removed (which is pretty much everywhere). What do you do?

The Problem with Modern Society: Hiding Your Scent

The human body already excretes natural pheromones whenever we exert ourselves physically, and especially when we become aroused by the opposite sex. Unless you literally live on the beach, the problem with living in a modern society is that we wear layers of clothing to conceal our natural sex odors. In addition to this, hindrance, we are expected to hide our natural scent, and told that we need to smell like pine cones, soap, fruit, musk, tree bark, or some other non-human object, to be considered a man who smells good. In a nutshell, society has been trying to put a valve on our access to beautiful women ever since the advent of cologne. But is this natural? We think not.

Why Hiding Your Natural Pheromones is Totally Unnatural

We evolved from single cell organisms over the course of millions of years. Over that time, we've developed passive biological systems that literally run on auto-pilot to keep us alive and help us reproduce. Some of these systems are constantly working, (like our heart and brain) and other systems are subconsciously triggered by stimulation from our external environment (like pheromone production). Hiding our pheromones has turned us into a more visual culture, where we use current trends in physical style and naturally-appealing looks as our guide on who to mate with. However, this is not what nature intended.

How to Use Pheromone Cologne to Quit Hiding Your Natural Appeal

If you've ever seen a documentary on animal attraction, you know that there are particular seasons for mating. Humans go through these cycles, also, but at an accelerated level. Nature intends for women to ovulate and accept male partners once every month. At that time, she is subconsciously looking for a man who displays a reasonable level of attractiveness, stable finances, etc. This list of ideal traits is all subconsciously built into her psyche. Close to the top of her subconscious laundry list of ideal traits, a male with a high concentration of pheromones is a high priority. But how high should that concentration be, and how can you be that lucky guy?

The Magic Number: 23 mg

The number 23 is for winners. Whether it's Michael Jordan sinking the game winner, or Lebron James flying to the basket, there is something about that number that conjures an air of excellence. And so, it should be fitting that the prime number to end all prime numbers is, in fact, the proper concentration needed to attract your next conquest.

How to Use this Pheromone Cologne

While pheromones are a passive system of attracting the opposite sex, so are good looks, grooming, and sheer confidence. We strongly advise the use of pheromone cologne in addition to being well groomed and at least acting like you're having a nice day. Think of it as that final nudge that gets you over the finish line into first place ahead your opponents. There's no need to try to look like George Clooney, but trying to use Pherluv, or any other pheromone cologne without looking and feeling your best could lead to poor results. Poor results usually occur when a user of pheromone products simply "sprays and prays". The last thing you want to do in any social setting is wait for the fun to come to you. Have fun, relax, and rest assured know that if the girl of your dreams comes along, she will find herself being "surprisingly attracted" to you. However, don't think that her sense of smell is going to override her judgment.

Conclusion: How to Get the Most out of Pheromones

The problem with modern society is that we live in an era where we are forced to hide our natural passive systems of attraction from the opposite sex. Normal apparel and good hygiene demand that we cover up nature's "scent of love." The solution is to wear Pherluv pheromone cologne, which mixes manly musky scents with the perfect dosage (23 mg) of pheromones into every bottle. Using Pherluv should create the added boost in confidence you need--both in your confidence, and in your attractiveness--to take any girl who is on the fence about you to wanting to see you again...hopefully with your shirt off.

Real Human Pheromones are expensive to manufacture.

Don't be fooled by cheap fake products that advertise as a pheromone cologne but contain no real love pheromones. Every bottle of PherLuv is laboratory approved to guarantee maximum purity, concentration, and quality!

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our products that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your purchase of a PherLuv product simply return the unused portion for a refund.

pheromone cologne with a money guarantee

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